How to Take Control of Your Construction Fleet

There’s no easier way to improve outcomes with your fleet than by using the right construction technology. With rising costs in the construction sector, proper fleet management through the use of innovative tech will help cut down on some expenses and increase productivity.


Step Up Your Software Game

If you’re looking for breakthrough results with fleet management, you’ll need a strong software solution. These days, virtually everything that you need to be tracked can be done with fleet management software. This will allow you to keep everyone on the same page.

Everyone should have access to the same information if possible, so they can see when reported issues are supposed to be fixed, if there is a certain machine out of service, and when scheduled maintenance is done. The right software will allow you to tap into the power of data to increase your profits.


Leverage Top-Down Telematics to Mine Data

Data is the new oil, as the saying goes. And equipment in motion is almost always an opportunity for data generation. Collecting data from heavy equipment and other assets is part of the Internet-of-Things evolution transforming the industry.

If you want to keep up, consider adopting some machine control systems and put your fleet to work mining data. 


Use Predictive Analytics to Sidestep Pitfalls

Technology can help you address any small issues before they become larger. For example, last-minute repairs can be almost four times more expensive.

If you have a software system that can track the age of your assets, such as on an actionable dashboard, you’ll be able to easily make decisions and make a preventative maintenance plan.


Set and Track Key Metrics

What good is analytics if you aren’t acting on the data? Your construction management systems need to be helping to ensure that your fleet management plan is working once you have it in place.

In order to do this, you need to track your fleet availability and show how any downtime is affecting your operations. When you are looking at your target metrics, you should see the number of unplanned repairs decrease as you move to a preventative maintenance plan.


Expand Fleet Visibility

GPS, paired with the right graphical user interface, can easily give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet. That’ll make it easy to tell at-a-glance where your equipment is and what it’s doing. Site positioning systems and machine control systems will create both the visibility as well as the control you need to optimize fleet performance. 


Use Alerts

Data should be kept up in real-time as much as possible. Electronic alerts are the best ways to stay up to date with utilization.

For example, if a foreman needs an excavator for three weeks, an alert should pop up for the fleet manager to take immediate action for returning the machine or extending the rental. This will allow things to move more smoothly, and equipment won’t be in limbo.


Employ Camera Systems

Construction theft can be a serious issue and using a camera system that triggers when a machine has been used outside of normal hours or moved can help prevent costly theft. The camera will start recording and generate an alert to help you determine what happened and who is responsible.


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