SNM940The rugged SNM941 Connected Site Gateway enables the Trimble Connected Machine for faster, more intelligent ways to work.

Wireless Data Sync

  • Communicate design files, work orders, and as-built information between the machine and the office without ever leaving the cab
  • Work smarter with fewer interruptions and less downtime

Remote Assistant

  • Receive on the spot technical support or training from your head office or your SITECH technology dealer, eliminating downtime waiting for a technician to drive to your siteSNM940
  • Reduce downtime spent waiting for resolution to increase your productivity, minimize fuel waste, and get a better bottom line

VisionLinkProject Monitoring

  • Integrates with VisionLink Unified Suiteapplications
  • Capture cycle counts, load counts and material volumes
  • Monitor completed work, map pass counts and create progress reports to keep projects on time and budget
  • Make proactive decisions regarding production efficiency and minimizing costs

Remote InfrastructureSNM940

  • Use Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) or Trimble VRS Now for GNSS corrections without fixed on-site GNSS infrastructure
  • Reduce investment in base stations and time spent establishing site infrastructure, while maintaining the same precision accuracy for GNSS machine control

The SNM941 is the ruggedized, on-machine communications hub for the following Trimble systems, enabling wireless data sync, remote training and support, asset tracking and project monitoring:

  • GCS900 Grade Control System for Dozers, Excavators, Motor Graders, Scrapers and Wheel Loaders
  • GCSFlex Grade Control System for Excavators
  • CCS900 Compaction Control System for Soil Compactors
  • CCSFlex Compaction Control System for Soil and Asphalt Compactors
  • Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System for Drilling and Piling
  • PCS900 for Asphalt Compactors
  • VisionLink fleet, asset and productivity management solution
  • TirePulse Tire Monitoring System

The SNM941 communicates either on the LTE and 3G cellular network or via Wi-Fi, so it can be leveraged in virtually all countries without additional radio licenses.

Features and specifications include:

  • LTE cellular communications
  • Durable construction for use on all types of construction assets
  • Rugged, durable form factor facilitates installation on all types of assets
  • Multiple local area communications media including Wi-Fi, RS-232, USB, CANbus, and Ethernet
  • Provides data communications for grade control including GNSS corrections and design file transfers

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