VisionLink Unified Suite for Off-Highway Equipment

VisionLink Unified SuiteVisionLink Unified Suite applications are mobile-ready, with faster and better performance. Easily navigate through the intuitive interface and leverage telematics device information to improve your return on investment. VisionLink provides actionable information for key decision-making to help you improve your bottom line.

VisionLink Unified Suite applications include Unified Fleet, Unified Service, Unified Productivity and Administrator:

  • VisionLink Unified Fleet’s user-friendly screens display asset information to help better manage a mixed fleet, no matter the machine brandVisionLink Unified Suite
  • To stay operational and extend asset life, manage maintenance schedules and track machine health with VisionLink Unified Service
  • VisionLink Unified Productivity optimizes project productivity by monitoring the movement of materials against project or asset targets
  • VisionLink Administrator unifies all of the applications by enabling users to define what is important, manage access and configure settings to optimize workflow

No matter what brand of machines you own, VisionLink Unified Fleet is designed to help better manage a mixed fleet from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.VisionLink Unified Fleet Developed with the fleet or equipment manager and owner/operator in mind, VisionLink Unified Fleet’s user-friendly screens display information such as: hours, miles, fuel, odometer, locations, idle time, asset status, asset utilization and operation, and customer-defined asset states. Get ready for quick load times, simplified screens, easy-to-read content and simple navigation.
  • Configurable dashboards to focus on the data that is important to youVisionLink Unified Fleet
  • Use site boundaries to create triggers for theft mitigation, inappropriate machine use and compliance with avoidance zones
  • Minimize idle time to help with fuel economy, and identify equipment that would be better utilized on other sites to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Reduce owning and operating costs with visibility to estimated fuel usage
  • Compare working day hours, runtime hours, and working versus idle time to improve equipment utilization and increase productivity
VisionLink Unified ServiceProactively manage fleet maintenance and extend asset life with VisionLink Unified Service, the go-to tool for fleet owners, maintenance managers and service managers or technicians. VisionLink integrates health and maintenance information, delivering a complete picture of fleet health that allows users to proactively schedule maintenance while minimizing asset downtime. VisionLink Unified Service helps maintain the fleet’s operational status and increase asset longevity.
  • Improve equipment productivity, minimize downtimeVisionLink Unified Service
  • Quickly assess machine operational status
  • Set alerts and preventive maintenance (PM) schedules
  • Schedule and track progress of equipment maintenance activities
  • Review fleet service and maintenance history
  • Stay on top of asset vitals and operator-induced events to contribute to the life of assets, and reduce downtime
  • Monitor machine hours to plan and manage equipment maintenance and decrease equipment depreciation costs

VisionLink Unified Productivity

VisionLink Unified Productivity helps project managers, foremen and operators maximize site efficiency in near real-time to keep projects on time and on budget. This application enables monitoring of payload, volumes, as well as other material movement metrics including load counts and cycle times.
  • Cycle counts based on load and dumpVisionLink Unified Productivity
  • Monitor cycle times and load counts to track actuals against planned, and monitor job site productivity
  • Task-focused applications to simplify the user experience
  • Productivity metrics based on working, idle and run times
  • Configurable dashboards, summaries, alerts and reports
  • Improved mobile experience on tablets and smartphones
  • Supports mixed fleets
  • View individual machine performance or aggregate fleet data to see an entire site at a glance
  • Monitor productivity against plan and accurately estimate completion times to keep jobs on schedule

Earthmoving and Grading

  • VisionLinkContinuously monitor and record 3D earthmoving, grading and finishing operations throughout the life of the project, and use the information to make timely decisions regarding equipment use and deployment
  • Create near real-time 3D surface model, elevation and cut and fill maps to show progress towards completion, eliminate drive time to the site and ensure you have the most current information
  • Accurately capture all work completed including over-excavation and backfill, overfill or surcharge, and cut back operations so you get paid for the extra work you do


  • VisionLinkContinuously monitor pass counts and compaction meter values over the entire area of compaction and on all material layers to improve testing success, reduce rework and lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Reduce over-compaction to optimize fuel use and machine time, and increase the finished surface quality
  • Ensure uniform lift thicknesses and consistent compaction pass counts and meter values to increase the surface quality and operational life
  • Monitor temperature maps for asphalt compactors fitted with temperature sensors to ensure compaction per the temperature range specified on the project


  • Requires the Trimble SNM940 or SNM941 Connected Site Gateway
  • Requires a Trimble or Cat AccuGrade GCS900 Grade Control System, or a Trimble or Cat AccuGrade CCS900 Compaction Control System
  • Requires VisionLink Asset and Fleet Management and Connected Machine subscription plans

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